Pro Android Media Player
Customised Exactly To Your Design and Brand

Xploorer Custom Features

Bespoke Interface

Tailor the design and User Interface (UI) to your brand

Pro Media Player

APK launches automatically and plays through video content

Geo-fenced Content

Create geo-based content using the device's GPS sensor

Sub Menu System

Engage passengers with even more content choices

Multiple CMS Admins

Collaborate with colleagues or clients by giving them secure access

News / Weather RSS Feed

Embed live RSS feed, showing local News, Weather etc.

Passenger Feedback

Rate driver, expereince or give feedback prompts

Contact Form

Allow passengers to fill out contact forms

Cloud CMS

Manage content from anywhere in the world using the cloud CMS

10GB Cloud Storage

Store up to 10GB of video, image and HTML content


Proof of playouts and automatic report generation

Device grouping

Create device groups to show different content across regions

Multiple Revenue Streams

Videos, banners, geo-content and click throughs

Snooze function (optional)

Allow users or schedule times put the device into sleep mode

Email Support

Contact ScreenTech Media by email for support

Content Management System

Update the content of your devices from anywhere in the world, using the Xploorer cloud based CMS.

Easily upload content using the intuitive interface

Use our Managed Content Service for extra convenience

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feature img

Advertising Performance Metrics

Measure your the effectiveness of your advertising. Spot trends and understand user behaviour.

Track video plays, interactions, impressions and form submissions

Create user accounts for your clients to log in and monitor their ad performances.

Our Pricing

£1500 New account setup fee applies to all plans.

Bespoke Plan


  • Customised User Interface
  • Interactive Media Player
  • Navigational Menu System
  • Geo-fenced Content
  • News / Weather RSS Feed
  • Revenue options:
    Home screen video playlist (Playouts)
    Home screen scrolling Banner (Impressions)
    Menu content (Click Through)
  • Cloud CMS
  • 10GB cloud storage
  • Device grouping
  • Content Performance Reports
  • Email Support

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