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The rapid growth of DooH (Digital out of Home)

The rapid growth of DooH (Digital out of Home)

‘Digital out of Home’ (DooH) technology is rapidly changing the way companies advertise to and influence consumers. For organisations considering starting a business in this field, the rewards can be highly profitable — especially over the long term. And as the fastest-growing advertising sector, according to leading industry analysts, this potential for success will only grow in the future.

The rapid growth of DooH (Digital out of Home) ScreenTech Media

What is DooH?

DooH mainly refers to digital systems that consumers can interact with. The popularity of these systems has been a natural response to the stagnation of traditional advertising methods and the advancement of technology. Running DooH advertising space allows for many possibilities and advantages over traditional ‘Out of Home’ (OOH) methods. This includes better targeting of individuals, increased engagement, and a greater ability to analyse and report data.

Examples of DooH services

DooH services take many forms. Perhaps the most widely seen examples of DooH technology in action are interactive billboards, ‘smart’ bus shelter advertisements, and information screens in lifts and on public transport. Taxi information systems are also being increasingly used to bring added value, customer entertainment, and greater passive revenue streams for taxi companies. All these provide excellent opportunities for DooH startups.

The rapid growth of DooH (Digital out of Home) ScreenTech Media

Why start a DooH business?

It is clear that the future of advertising involves the ever-closer targeting of individuals. Finding new, innovative ways to increase engagement is also key. For companies wishing to enter the DooH industry, there are many exciting opportunities and real scope for expansion. As technology improves further, investing in DooH now enables firms to gain an early lead over their competition and secure their business model with more diversified revenue streams and marketing options.

The rapid growth of DooH (Digital out of Home) ScreenTech Media

Other aspects to consider

It is worth remembering that the DooH sector has a high requirement on technological skill sets, especially related to hardware and software.That said, ‘off the shelf’ solutions are available and allow for easy entry to the market. In some cases, there can be a modest startup cost in the first instance, depending on what needs to be achieved. Installing interactive screens requires an initial outlay, yet the potential to recoup costs quickly via advertising is highly lucrative. Suitable software for devices and screens is also necessary. Then an individual or team will need to be involved in the selling of advertising space and providing reporting to showcase ROI.


As towns and cities become smarter and more technologically driven, it is certain that DooH will continue to make its mark in even more advanced ways, providing increased opportunities for advertisers. This also creates widespread opportunities for companies wishing to invest in the DooH sector. While companies can go it alone and invest in both hardware and software to fulfil their ambitions, many may prefer to work with a partner to add new revenue streams and complement their existing business model. One thing is for certain: businesses of all sizes can benefit from DooH, either for promotion or to better serve their established customer base.