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Local Economic Benefits of an Interactive Taxi Information System

Local Economic Benefits of an Interactive Taxi Information System

The use of ‘Taxi Information Systems’ has grown tremendously in recent years with more companies than ever realizing the many advantages on offer. But despite the numerous benefits and revenue opportunities they bring for taxi firms, these systems provide an equally important local economic benefit as well.

Local Economic Benefits of an Interactive Taxi Information System ScreenTech Media

What are Taxi Information Systems?

In a nutshell, taxi information systems are digital display boards typically seen in the back cabs of taxis. Traditionally, these systems were merely advertising boards, but now there is a growing trend towards the use of interactive information systems — systems that passengers can interact with to gain entertainment and other benefits.

Below, we outline the various advantages for the major stakeholder groups:


Interactive taxi signage gives passengers access to relevant local information and entertainment. When taxi passengers interact via a simple touch screen, they can quickly locate the local news, weather forecast, and find nearby amenities, such as shops, restaurants, and bars. They can also entertain themselves with games and watch advertising videos, providing a more comfortable and enjoyable journey.

Local Economic Benefits of an Interactive Taxi Information System ScreenTech Media

Local businesses

‘Digital out of Home’ (DooH) systems in taxis provide a chance for local businesses to advertise directly to consumers in the immediate area. Not only is advertising on taxi information systems cost-effective, but it also enables advertisers to target consumers based on time, day of the week, and more to give them up-to-the-minute, relevant promotions. Analytical insights and reporting tools are available to gauge performance, such as the number of video plays, length of time of interaction, etc.

Local government

Taxi information systems help to promote and stimulate the local economy by showcasing businesses and services in the local government area. Interactive boards allow advertisers to reach wider segments of the community, including tourists who typically have more money to spend. This all equates to greater demand for services, which has a wider impact on all areas of the local economy. Furthermore, the systems also assist in facilitating better investment in local transport services, helping to drive competition and improve local connectivity for all.

Taxi companies

The key benefit of taxi information systems for taxi companies is they gain an additional, low-maintenance revenue stream to complement their main revenue source (passenger fares). Aside from this, these systems also give taxi companies greater prestige and a more modern brand image, enabling them to offer a more complete, entertaining, and efficient service for passengers.

Local Economic Benefits of an Interactive Taxi Information System ScreenTech Media


Taxi Information Systems with interactive features have a wide range of benefits, not only for the passengers who use them, but also for advertisers, the local economy, and taxi firms. Being cost-effective to install and run, and easy to maintain, they have been proven to give firms a reliable second revenue source. Passengers gain timely, relevant information, news and entertainment, while advertisers gain access to an innovative new marketing medium with measurable reporting tools. In summary, they provide all-around positive benefits for all stakeholders with no notable drawbacks.