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The rapid growth of DooH (Digital out of Home)

‘Digital out of Home’ (DooH) technology is rapidly changing the way companies advertise to and influence consumers. For organisations considering starting a business in this field, the rewards can be highly profitable — especially over the long term. And as the fastest-growing advertising sector, according to leading industry analysts, this potential for success will only grow in the future.
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Local Economic Benefits of an Interactive Taxi Information System

The use of ‘Taxi Information Systems’ has grown tremendously in recent years with more companies than ever realizing the many advantages on offer. But despite the numerous benefits and revenue opportunities they bring for taxi firms, these systems provide an equally important local economic benefit as well.
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Getting your media sales business started and generating revenue fast

After you have decided to invest in the many benefits of DooH (Digital out of Home) technology, it is time to get your media sales business off the ground quickly. Making fast headway means you can begin generating revenue sooner and enjoy the rewards of DooH. While DooH requires hardware and software skills, various ‘plug and play’ solutions are available that make the process straightforward and great value for money. Follow the advice below to get started generating revenue fast.